Friday, 18 April 2014

American Pale Ale from Dark Star Brewing Co.

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An American Pale Ale from Dark Star Brewing Co.who are based in Sussex and not in America at all. That's a pretty special pump clip there.

Going to be honest here, I love beer but I don't really know that much about it. What is it that makes this an American pale ale as opposed to an India (not Indian. I might be ignernt but I know that much!) pale ale? There are even English (not England, how intuitive) pale ales. Never seen an Australia pale ale or Canada pale ale. Or would that be Canadian. Can anyone help me out here?

So my question is if someone put a beer in front of my face and didn't tell me what it was, is there some way of telling what nationality of pale ale it is? Or is this just some arbitrary classification. It is a pale ale brewed in the style of a pale ale as it would be made in that particular place. IE India pale ales do not come from India.