Friday, 6 June 2014

Beer Review: Red Diesel from Colchester Brewery

Hello there! I'm even-star and I like craft beer. This is Red Diesel from Colchester Brewery.
I decided to start a blog to keep track of all the great beers I drink here in the United Kingdom and other places I visit.

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I am not sure but I THINK that "red diesel" is something people outside of the UK should understand. There are equivalents in many other countries. Basically, like most other places, gas (or Petrol/Diesel as they call it here in the UK) has loads of taxes added to it that make up the price you pay at the pump.

Farmers, on the other hand, can buy Red Diesel for all of their farm vehicles. The point being that farm vehicles are not used on the road and fuel for such vehicles is exempt from tax. It's cheaper to buy.

A red dye is added to farm diesel so that the police can pull cars over in agricultural areas to make sure that the drivers are not putting their farm diesel into their road cars and evading the tax.


Another interesting fact is that people hate getting caught for not paying taxes almost as much as they hate paying the taxes and there have been various attempts to evade getting caught for putting tax exempt gas into your non-tax exempt vehicle.

One tried and true method which comes from the times of fuel rationing during WWII in the UK is running your gas through a loaf of bread to remove the red dye. Many other filtering methods were tried but it was bread that removed so much of the dye that you could not tell it had ever been red diesel.

Why is this so fucking interesting? Because BEER is made with YEAST and BREAD is also made with YEAST.

It's all connected hop heads. ALL CONNECTED. Your mind: BLOWN.

Oh yeah, the review... A very tasty red ale.