Monday, 7 July 2014

Beer Review: Whitstable Bay Pale Ale from Faversham Steam Brewery

Hello there! I'm even-star and I like craft beer. This is Whitstable Bay Pale Ale from Faversham Steam Brewery.
I decided to start a blog to keep track of all the great beers I drink here in the United Kingdom and other places I visit.

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Now a name like Faversham Steam Brewery would seem to convey a whole lot of old-y world-y craft-y beer cred.

Do not be decieved. Many big batch brewers have been buying up craft breweries and retaining the brands or even opening up sub-brands  and giving them craft beer type names. Because: TRENDY!

Such is the case with the Faversham Steam Brewery which is really a Shepherd-Neame brand. Which isn't to say that S-N doesn't have a lot of old-y world-y cred. They have been making beer for over a 100 years. Some of which was brewed at a steam powered brewery in Faversham in Kent.

Also, I am not a beer snob (I am totally a beer snob) and I won't discount a beer simply because it comes from a macro. Some of them, Charles Wells being a notable one, make very good beer with craft beer characteristics. These beers fall more under the moniker of Real Ale here in the UK. Which has a fairly nebulous definition of Not Lager.

Which is bullshit really because I have had some amazing lagers from British small brewers. It is a stoopidly contentious topic of conversation in some circles. I'm like: even-star like beer. beer good. even-star drink beer.

Anyways... FSB have some of the poshest pump clips around and this sort of special molded clip generally gives away the brewery's less-than-craft origins. Craft breweries just don't have the cash to splash out on this sort of clip.

And the beer is good! It was especially good after an 8 mile hike in the North Downs.