Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Beer Review: Chinook from Scarborough

Hello there! I'm even-star and I like craft beer. This is Chinook from Scarborough Brewery.
I decided to start a blog to keep track of all the great beers I drink here in the United Kingdom and other places I visit.

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Chinook is a kind of hops as well as a kind of helicopter, a tribe of indigenous peoples from North America, a warm ocean current that generates warm wet weather, and a species of Pacific salmon.

I am not sure why Scarborough picked the helicopter to represent its beer made with hops of the same name rather than a fish. I tried to find out if there were any connection to an air base in that area but there isn't anything definitive. Which is unusual for a pump clip that has such a distintive image. A lot of times pump clips will reveal some sort of tie to the local community of the brewery or an historical event.

In this case it seems to be a random selection. If you know for sure please TWEET ME.

This beer was wonderfully crisp and bitter. I guess that's the Chinook hops in it!