Saturday, 16 August 2014

Beer Review: Heresy from Bishop Nick

Hello there! I'm even-star and I like beer. 
I decided to start a blog to keep track of all the great beers I drink here in the United Kingdom and other places I visit.

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Another one this week from Bishop Nick called Heresy. I've not seen Bishop Nick before with its very distinctive and edgy lino cut print branding. And then two in two weeks! I live in Essex and always love seeing new beers from new Essex microbrews. And as the pump clip says, Bishop Nick makes ales in Essex.

BUT... Bishop Nick is not new. Well, not entirely. Remember last week's Ridley's Rite? Ridley comes from a very old Chelmsford brewery called, you guessed it, Ridley's.

The Bishop Nick brand is a craft beer endeavor of one of Ridley's (a real dood called Thomas Ridley) decedents.

It is a very interesting story actually and if you care to read more then click HERE to read the Bishop Nick story.