Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Beer Review: Dark & Delicious from Corvedale Brewery

Welcome to the Shed. I am even-star and you are reading The Beer in Review! Today's review is Dark & Delicious from Corvedale Brewery.

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Claims that breweries make about their beers on their pump clips are not the most accurate indication of the beer you are going to get in your glass.


Dark and Delicious is indeed dark and pretty delicious. It is medium bitter, dark brown, malty and chocolate cakey. It has some astringent hints of cherry. The texture is light for all its cakey flavour and I really enjoyed it.

I don't find many very dark beers that aren't too sweet for me and Dark and Delicious delivered a balanced palate and pleasing complex flavours.

Had one or two of Corvedale beers in the past but I don't see them often locally. Corvedale is in fact the pub brewery of the Sun Inn way out in Ludlow so I am not sure how such a microbrew so micro they can't even be assed with buying a domain name ended up all the way over in Essex, but I sure am glad it did!

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