Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Drink, Eat, Do: Kona, Hawaii

Aloha hop heads! I am even-star and this is The Beer in Review. Today is all about what to Drink, Eat, and Do in Kona, Hawaii.

So there is absolutely no way I could pack everything about what to drink, eat, and do on the Big Island of Hawaii into one blog post. I will have to limit myself to where we stayed: Kona.

Kona is a beautiful old Hawaiian town. It sits right on the shore of the leeward coast. Ridiculously picturesque.

You probably should not leave Kona without having at least one beer from the Kona Brewing Company served on tap. Just about all the bars and restaurants serve at least one KBC beer. My favourite was Lava Man Red which was on at Don the Beachcomber's.

You should also be ashamed of yourself if you don't have at least ONE froufrou umbrella sporting cocktail. I always go with a pina colada.

If you are going out to eat definitely find out when Happy Hour is going to be at the place you are going. Most of the bars do Happy Hour (or two or three hours) where selected cocktails, beers, and appetisers are half price or on special. It's usually between 2 and 6 o'clock depending on where you go.

The best place in the town has to be Humpy's. It has an amazing selection of craft beer on tap and the appies for happy hour are delicious. You will have a view of the ocean and will be able to see whales and dolphins while you watch the sun set.

Out of town, and just up the hill from where we stayed, is Sam Choy's. This is a pretty hip little place. Totally open air. Food is great. If you want to try Hawaiian poke then this is definitely the place. It's at the top of the hill and offers incredible views down the coast.

Other than eating and drinking there is just loads to do in Kona. It will take you a day to just walk around the town and look at all the tourist tat! Other than that you can book all your tours and snorkel/diving gear in town.

The best thing to do of all is NOTHING. Just sit on the shore and watch the waves and look for whales and turtles. It is one of the most chill places on earth.

Drink, eat, and do people. The only way to live is to drink, eat, and do all the things!

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