Friday, 27 February 2015

Hawaii Craft Beer Round Up

Aloha and welcome to the Shed. I am even-star and this is The Beer in Review. Today is a little bit of a craft beer round up from my trip to Hawaii.

American craft beer was more different from the English than I expected. The most pronounced differences being in how beer in general is served.

Beer in the US is served ICE COLD. Real ale is served at cellar temperature in an English pub. Only lager is served ice cold.

Beer in the States is poured from a tap. In an English pub the real ale is "pulled" (pumped from a cask). Generally it is only lager that is poured in a GB pub and also some of the not so great macro brew ales like Tetley's.

This is because of the carbonation. Pumping would add even more air to something that is already fizzy. But many of the craft beers I tried in Hawaii were not at all fizzy and could be pulled rather than poured. So it must simply be a cultural preference.

The different varieties of hops in American beer took some getting used to. I like a hoppy beer but there were one or two that I found overwhelming.

Dark beers were few and far between on tap and the ones you could buy in bottles were all flavoured with stuff like coffee, chocolate, and cocoanut. This is not something I like and even though I prefer lighter beers I found myself craving a good dark cellar temperature porter.

I did find a red beer I liked and the Sam Adams Boston Lager is more of an ale than a lager and I enjoyed that as well. It is a browny sort of beer.

The beers in the photo there are the ones I enjoyed the most: Lava Man Red, Fire Rock, and Castaway were all from the Kona Brewing Company. The Rebel IPA and Boston lager were both Sam Adams.

I really enjoyed my American beer experience and hope to visit again soon. Hopefully a different state in order to get a bigger picture.

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