Monday, 23 March 2015

Beer Review: DNA from Charles Wells and Dogfish Head

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Hey there hop heads! Happy Spring!

Wanted to let y'all know that I'm taking a little break and that apart from today there won't be any beer review posts this week. I will be back next Monday with all new beers and if you really miss me you can see what I am up to on instagram.

Today I leave you with Dogfish Head/Charles Wells collaboration DNA. This is a beer I have enjoyed very much in the bottle and finally got to try it on tap.

It is a coppery hoppy IPA although not exactly pale. Gorgeously bitter with no hint of sweetness. Grassy with a lot of tannin and a metallic tanginess.

It's interesting to see a big British macro like CW jumping on the American craft culture bandwagon. Not sure where they are going with that. All edgy and urban up in my face.

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