Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Beer Review: Jester Magic from J.W. Lees (and some thoughts on Northwestern beers)

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Today we have Jester Magic from Manchester brewer J.W. Lees. I tried a couple of their beers this weekend. One, the Manchester Pale Ale, was not very nice at all. The light gold Jester Magic was more drinkable but lacked any sort of flavour profile. It was just… BEER flavoured if you know what I mean.

We were in the great Northwestern city of Manchester this weekend and it was da BOMB! Love love love Manchester. It's a big rowdy resourceful town which is going through some encouraging regeneration. And I was soooo looking forward to trying some of the more micro of the area brewers.

And I was a bit disappointed because they were all like this one. BEER flavoured. Faintly malty water flavoured. They were not offensive exactly but not particularly enjoyable either.

I am begining to suspect this may be a trait of beers from that area. The worst insult I can level at a brewery is to say that their beers are like Robbies (Robinsons from Stockport). I don't get many beers from the Northwest where I live and it would be interesting to see if this tendency to mildness and lack of flavour is peculiar to a geography.

One that didn't make it on the list this week, Landlord from Timothy Taylor of West Yorkshire, was the same. In fact my whole Manchester beer experience was a little disappointing. The local stuff was not very good.

I will be posting later in the week some reviews of brilliant beers from farther afield that were had in very funky Manc. surroundings so make sure you check in.

About the Bar
This beer was had at a big bar/restaurant/pub right across from city hall. It's called Duttons and the sign says something like "Duttons: Family Brewers Since Insert Year Here". But, again rather disappointingly, the beer they sold was not Duttons. It was J.W. Lees. The bar itself was, hmmm, nice(?) I guess. Just a flashy sort of trendied up pub/bar. It was nice though because it was pouring rain and there is a patio out front under cover with heaters and stuff. It was actually very pleasant and cosy have a drink outside!

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