Monday, 30 March 2015

Beer Review: Metropolis from Colchester Brewery

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Back from my break  which was apparently in the FOOOO-CHURE (ooocher ooocher ooocher) The first of five new beers in review this week is Metropolis from Colchester Brewery. Few-cher-istic!

Rocking the Fritz Lang vibe there Colchester. I KNOW there are GEEKS in your brewery. Drunken geeky scifi hipster geeks. Love this pump clip. Because I am a geeky drunken scifi beer geek as well. There I said it. Moving on.

Not overly familiar with this brewery even though are basically just up the road. The last one I had from them was Red Diesel. Which I seem to remember I also enjoyed.

Metropolis is medium gold semi-sweet ale. A bit too sweet for my personal tastes. Still, pleasingly aromatic and floral. Not a huge amount of citrus and leaning towards the softer sweeter fruits.

Let me qualify what I mean by sweet here. When I say a beer is to sweet for my taste, if you had never had a real ale before, you would probably be confused because in terms of sugar type sweet that won't be sweet at all. Some beers can be REALLY sweet like sugar in your coffee type sweet but the hops in beer still give it bitterness.