Sunday, 29 March 2015

Weekend in Manchester: Drink, Eat, Do

Hey there hops heads. Wanted to share some photos from our weekend in Manchester. Love love LURVE Manchester.

I will be posting beer reviews all this week and also wanted to share some great things that you can maybe do if you are ever in this big rowdy Northwestern town.

Drink Here

The first thing I do when ever we plan a trip anywhere in the UK is try to find out where the good beer is. The best place for beer in Manchester is the Port Street Beer House. But the Port Street Beer House is so crammed full of fucking beardy hipsters you will not even be able to elbow your way to the bar to see what is on tap let alone find a place to sit and drink your over priced limited edition nano brew in peace.

What you want to do is turn around and walk up to the next block where on the other side of a grimy window you will see a neon sign at the top of a stairwell going down to the basement.

The sign says Here Be Monsters and if you go down the stairs you will find yourself in the Hold Fast bar. Now the Hold Fast does not sell real ale but it does sell some brilliant craft lagers. The atmosphere is amazing. The music mix spot on. Simply one of the funkiest little bars I have ever been in. Corner of Port Street and Hilton.

Eat Here

The Yang Sing in China Town - Best. Chinese. Ever.

We spent most of Friday driving up north with a pit stop in Matlock Bath. We got to town rather late and didn't want dinner to be this epic search for The Right Place.

OMG you totally know what I am talking about. You wander up and down the streets looking a menus and one of you fancies this and the other isn't sure and this place has awesome sharing plates but shit dessert... and OMG I am so hungry and tired now that I am just going to kill you...

Yeah, don't pretend that doesn't happen

Anyways we didn't have the energy so we went to the SO's favourite place to eat which is the Yang Sing. I have only ever eaten there once before and will admit that it was the best Chinese food I have ever had in a great atmosphere as well. The SO and I are very particular about Chinese food. We have a local that we simply have never been able to beat to the point where we just don't have Chinese food anywhere else because it is ALWAYS disappointing.

Apart from the Yang Sing. Which simply cannot be beat. We had the lettuce wraps, ribs, seaweed, and the DRY special chowmein. Which is the only acceptable chowmein.

We don't really do COURSES when we go out. We prefer the tapas approach. Order a bunch of stuff that all comes out whenever it's ready and then share it around. The Yang Sing is perfect for this.

Go Here

There are two things I would recommend if you are doing the tourist thing.

The John Rylands Library - Totally free entry. The SO was not convinced when I suggested we venture inside this red brick Victorian Gothic confection. Like WTF do you want to go in a library for?!?! Well it was an opportunity to see inside an amazing historical building and also to see some very old beautiful books. Yes it isn't like the local library where you take out John Grisham novels or How to Weave Plastic Bags. Very interesting things on display. Like they had this special exhibition of iron mongery which sounds totally boring but was pretty cool.

The Manchester Museum of Science and Industry - Huge massive multi building museum that is also totally free. This was less difficult to convince the SO about. Since we both love science and trains and cars and industrial things. It is an incredible place. Huge. Housed in old industrial buildings, factories, and train stations from Manchester's Victorian/Industrial Revolution heyday. It will take you at least five hours to see everything and that is at a fairly quick pace.

If, like us, you find yourself flagging halfway through, you can have a quiet, fairly inexpensive, and surprisingly elegant lunch at the Ox Noble pub. It's on Liverpool Road right across the street from the Air and Space building. It has real ales but, as you will read later this week, I was a bit disappointed in the selection/quality. The Ox Noble is a kind of potato and that area is called Potato Wharf because that is where they shipped in potatoes! FACT! 
Sadly there is no picture of the potato on the pub sign.

We literally just stumbled over it taking a chance detour down a side street. Could not believe how big it was. BTW if you are a crushed/squashed penny collector they have a different penny mangle in each of the buildings and each one has four designs. Be advised the the one in the Air Transport building was not working. It didn't give out the design chosen.

I would love to also recommend the Manchester Eye but unfortunately they are decommisioning it I think this year and it doesn't look like it will be re-located in the city. Which is a shame. It was really fun but alas not FREE.

I am even-star and this is The Review in Beer. I post craft beer reviews usually five days a week. Be sure to check in on Fridays when I reveal the BEER. OF THE. WEEK.

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