Friday, 3 April 2015

Beer of the Week! Bo'Ho Lager from Tiny Rebel

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And I can now reveal (squee) that BEER. OF THE. WEEK. is Bo'Ho Lager from Welsh brewery Tiny Rebel. It is so brilliant that UK brewers are making craft lager as well as ales.

Bo'Ho is a dry citrusy Pilsner type beer that is full of hoppy flavour. Bright yellow and unfiltered it is closer to traditional beers from Germany or the Netherlands but has that new world flare you get in American craft lagers. Loved this beer.

It is presumably called Bo'Ho because this style of beer is made with Bohemian hops. You know, they sort of bum around trendy artist lofts smoking clove cigarettes listening to beat poetry and bands that don't exist yet. Gives them that special flavour.

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