Friday, 17 April 2015

Beer of the Week: Gem from Bath Ales (Bottled)

Oh ye Mighty Gods of Malty Fermentation! Why hast thou abandoned me!!! It truly was a week of bad beer. And as I said on Monday rather than NOT posting reviews this week I have decided that I am going to give honest reviews about bad beer. For Science!

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And FINALLY it is FRIDAY! Which usually means it's time for BEER. OF THE. WEEK!

Some weeks I have the enviable problem of having so many great new beers in a weekend that it is difficult to pick a winner for BotW. This week there was really only one decent beer among a cartload of dross.

And that beer is Gem from Bath Ales (bottled)

Any other week it would have been unremarkable. Probably not even a footnote since it is bottled. But I would love to try it on tap and I bet it would be a great beer.

Time for an even-star adventure story! 

We had a BBQ on Sunday (first one of the year! it was very sunny but very windy and a wee bit chilly) and I had got myself the Hot Cross Bunny as a treat earlier in the day to have with my sausages and grilled prawns. Because Whychwood makes really tasty beers and this one was new.

Y'all know how that turned out.

And I was sad until I remembered I had got this Gem to try a couple weeks earlier.

Like seriously. Beer just does not get drunk in my house. I hardly ever get drunk in my house. Although I have been in my house drunk. See what I did there? I don't drink at all on weekdays and weekends I only really drink in the pub because I prefer cask beer.

Back to the Beer 

Anyways I was sooooooo happy that this was just NORMAL. It didn’t taste of feet or honey or fucking cough syrup raisin bran milk shake. It was a lovely amber bitter. Perfect temperature. Aromatic malty flavour. A bit sweet but I will let that go because the one thing it didn’t do was bitterly disappoint me. Great to have with BBQ.

Aaaaand! Tonight is FRIDAY night which means I get to get on the wheel o' beer fortune all over again and ride the wave roller coaster of malty fermentation emotions!

I hope your Friday night is awesome and you find some awesome beers. Tweet me about them @even_star . I even put a handy little twitter icon up there for you to click on.

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