Friday, 10 April 2015

Beer of the Week: Proper Job from St. Austell (to the rescue!)

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YAY Friday!!! And I know I said no BotW this week but I totally forgot that I had this totally awesome beer I had last Saturday!

It's Proper Job from St. Austell of Cornwall. As the pump clip says it was powerfully hopped. It is also bitterly fruity. It was very yellow for an IPA but it does qualify that by saying it is a Cornish IPA.

IPAs have always confused me because most of them are not really pale at all unless you compare them to more traditional English bitters and porters. They tend to be medium amber.

That is one thing you might notice in real ale pubs and you ask the bar person what the beers are like. They will say this or that is "quite light" and then when they pour it it's like dark amber or brown.

The word you are looking for is Blonde or Gold.

Anyways this was at a hip little pub called the Eagle Tavern in Rochester in Kent. Where everything is hip.We had a hip pint and a hip toastie and walked hipply up and down the high street discussing how fucking hip Rochester is.

But seriously. The Eagle Tavern. Cool little place. Very indie.

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