Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Beer Review: Brooklyn Lager from Brooklyn Brewery

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Happy Hump Day hop heads! And happy White Rabbit Day! It's time for the mid-week special. A beer I may have reviewed or made BofW before that I get to try a second time or something that is a bit unusual.

The special this week is a LAGER!!! Yes indeed that is no April Fools joke. Why? Because we found this awesome bar in Manchester and all they served was lager. Craft, American, Microbrew LAGER.

The beer is Brooklyn Lager. American style lagers are so different from the European. They are more like pale ales with added carbonation. Some are even amber coloured like Sam Adams Boston Lager.

The Brooklyn is hoppy and gold and was sooooooo refreshing after a day of traipsing around the beautiful hills of Derbyshire.

The amazing bar is the Hold Fast and it's on the corner of Hilton and Port in the Northern Quarter. And basically we ended up here because the plan was to go to the Port Street Beer House which is a reknowned craft beer bar but when we got there it was PACKED to the RAFTERS with fucking HIPSTERS!

The beard density was unbearable and we were disappointed.

Turns out, just a block up Port Street was a neon sign over a staircase going down into a basement. It said Here Be Monsters. How bad could it be? Turns out it was AWESOME. Fuck you Port Street Beer Thingy with your beards and no tables and stoopid beer chalkboard that I couldn't read.

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