Thursday, 30 April 2015

Beer Review: Citra from Oakham Ales

Welcome to the shed. I am even-star and this is The Beer in Review.
OMFG!!!11!!! Isn't the little Citra Hop dood soooooo cute?! He's like GRRR, I'm all trendy and awesome. I make your Oakham Ales beer so TAYS-STAY!

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It's Thursday and that means it's just one more day until BEER. OF THE. WEEK is revealed. It also means that I have to pick a runner up. Which was wonderfully tricky this week with four outstanding beers to choose from.

Since yesterday's post was so epic I will keep this review of Oakham Ales Citra short and sweet.

It was a lovely golden beer that definitely does justice to its eponymous ingredient.

Citra is a relatively new variety of hops that  has only been in commercial production since about 2007. It imparts citrus and tropical fruit flavours to beers. Many breweries, at least in the UK, make a beer called Citra. It is not a style of beer it is simply indicating the beer's main flavouring comes from the Citra hops. In the US they would probably be all trying to trademark it and frikkin' suing each other over calling their beers the same thing.

Definitely citrus but more lime and pomelo than lemon. Big, bold, bitter, and fruity in all of the right ways. A brilliant beer for the summer BBQ.