Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Beer Review: Head In The Clouds from Mighty Oak

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Tuesday's beer is  Head In The Clouds from Mighty Oak. And it is a Wheat Beer which is still a rarity among craft/real ale brewers in the UK. Although not as rare as a craft lager or American style lager.

A wheat beer is a beer brewed with at least 50% wheat in its grain make up. Most beers are made mostly with barley with a small percentage of other kinds of grains to add the required colour/flavour.

Mighty Oak features large in my reviews because they are an Essex brewer (ie local) who our local landlord loves. And I don't think I have ever had a bad beer from Mighty Oak. They know what they are doing.

Have not seen this style of wheat beer from them before and I really enjoyed it. It was medium gold and bitter with grassy aromatic herb tones and flavours of almond and bitter pear. Kind of sweet on the finish.

Not at all like the Weissbiers and Witbiers (wheat beers) I have had on the continent. Or even like the "Wits" as the Americans like to call this style of beer. This definitely has British Ale street cred. And the pump clip is classic Mighty Oak. They do a series of beers that use the Sgt. Pepper theme. I keep meaning to email them and ask about the little man in the not-quite-bowler hat who has featured on their branding for decades.