Monday, 13 April 2015

Beer Review: Hot Cross Bunny from Whychwood (bottle edition)

WTF is in this that makes it taste like a cough syrup and raisin bran milkshake.

Oh ye Mighty Gods of Malty Fermentation! Why hast thou abandoned me!!! And I thought last week was poor. This week I had to resort to BOTTLED beer. BEER. In BOTTLES. WTF? I know this is a thing in other parts of the world and that is fine. But I don't go to a PUB in ENGLAND to have a BOTTLE of beer.

Rather than NOT posting reviews this week I have decided that I am going to give honest reviews about bad beer. Starting with Hot Cross Bunny from normally outstanding Whychwood.

Holy shit. This is probably the worst tasting thing I have EVER had in my mouth. It tasted like despair would taste after it had been left out in the noon day sun to rot and then been grilled with a badly fermented sauce of which the principle ingredient was screams of the damned. Nope. Nope. Nope. Just NO!

Usually for me a beer is bad because it has no particular flavour or character and it isn't worth writing about. It is very rare that a beer is bad because just WTF is in this that makes it taste like a cough syrup and raisin bran milkshake.

Why Whychwood? Your Hobgoblin Gold is so yummy and delishush. Why would you do this to us?!? Lure us in with a cute Easter themed pun only to mercilessly assault our mouths with this foul liquid that tastes has though it comes from the very bladder of the Evil One himself?

I am even-star and this is The Review in Beer. I post craft beer reviews usually five days a week. Be sure to check in on Fridays when I reveal the BEER. OF THE. WEEK.

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