Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Beer Review: Spring's Sprung from Thwaites

Oh ye Mighty Gods of Malty Fermentation! Why hast thou abandoned me!?! 

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It truly was a week of bad beer. And as I said on Monday rather than NOT posting reviews this week I have decided that I am going to give honest reviews about bad beer. Because people need to know that it is out there!

Next up: Spring's Sprung from Thwaites. And this would kind of start to confirm my hypothesis that beers from the Northwest tend to be bland and characterless except for the fact that this one from Lancashire tasted like bland and characterless FEET.

Do not be fooled by the happy flowers ruffled by a gentle breeze on the pump clip. This beer is not full of the joys of spring. It's not full of the joys of spring AT ALL. It is full of feet. Grassy sweaty feet.

Thwaites is what I would call a MACRO brewery. Basically an industrial operation that makes ales (as opposed to lagers). Craft it is not. How about REAL ale? Maybe? Slightly better than a Tetley's or John Smith's who make one beer and not these sort of seasonal brews.

Unlike Whychwood on Monday, I had no high expectations for a Thwaites beer but one thing I expect from ANY beer is that it not taste like feet. Gahk!

I am even-star and this is The Review in Beer. I post craft beer reviews usually five days a week. Be sure to check in on Fridays when I reveal the BEER. OF THE. WEEK.

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