Monday, 20 April 2015

Beer Review: Tall Hot Blonde from Deverell's

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Well here we are again hop heads! Another week. Another five beers. It has been a MUCH better week in beer on planet even-star.

This week I am going to get the bad news out the way right away. If you follow me on twitter or instagram you might have seen this picture:

Poor sad little half pint. Its beer tastes like ass. It's so ashamed.
 That is this beer. Tall Hot Blonde from Deverell's Brewing Company.

I made the mistake of not asking to try it first but the bar was so busy I thought it would be rude. So I went with a half of this and half of another one.

And all I can say about this beer is that if you think about how like a farm smells right after they have sprayed the fields with that brown gooey bio-fertiliser, that smell is what this beer tasted like.

At least I thought that was what it tasted like. That is all I had to relate it to. Until the next day when I had to scrub the deck to get it ready for painting. The Bear suggested I used a noxious and mysterious elixir known as Jeyes Fluid.

This beer tasted like the smell of Jeyes Fluid which has this kind of really oily carbon fuelly rotting organicsy carbolic acidy stench that you can chew before you pass out from the fumes.

No one wants to taste that.

Strangely though the Bear did not find this beer as undrinkable as I did. He didn't exactly enjoy it and he wouldn't exactly have it on purpose, and he didn't offer to finish it off, but his reaction was not as strong as mine.*

It was disappointing because Deverell's is the brewery of the proprietor of one of the pubs we go to on a Friday night. So really local and very micro. Unfortunately, much like the pub itself of late, their product has gone down hill. They always have their beers on at the pub but I can't remember the last one I had that I enjoyed.

*Real ale/craft beer or whatever you want to it call is a tricky subject to review objectively because every single beer is different. And people are different. I have absolutely loved beers on at our local that other regulars have totally hated. I like a complex flavourful beer. Hops don't phase me. Burnt malty tones are delicious. Sometimes a beer is bad because it is bad. And that is the case here.