Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Beer Review: Wooly Mammoth from Elephant School

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Is this not the most adorable pump clip you ever saw? Of course it is dumbass! It's an angry fucking furry orange elephant! I fail to understand what you could put on a pump clip that could possibly be more adorable than that. If you have an example then tweet me!

But this is not the pump clip review. It is about the beer. Even-star, I hear you asking, when are you going to get to the beer!?

Ok ok, as I said yesterday, apart from the one epically bad beer, this week has been awesome.

Here we have Wooly Mammoth from the Elephant School Brewing Company. Their product has really improved this year. Last year my experience with them was mediocre at best but this is the second good one they have had in two months.

It is indeed an orange beer with malty caramel flavours. Middle sweet as you might imagine. A pleasant pint that was slightly warming.