Thursday, 23 April 2015

Beer Review: Working Class Hero from Partners Micro Brewery

Welcome to the shed. I am even-star and this is The Beer in Review. 
Today we have Working Class Hero from Partners.

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It's Thursday hops heads and that can only mean one thing: runner up day! And the runner up is Working Class Hero from Partners.

It was not so hard a choice this week as it sometimes is but that is only because BotW was absolutely outstanding (come back tomorrow to find out what it is). Our runner up this week has nothing to be ashamed of. It is a fine bitter ale.

Partners is new to me and I had to look them up. They even call THEMSELVES a micro brewery. How very hip of them.

Working Class Hero is a session ale which means it is under 4% ABV. It also means that even-star can drink shedloads of its bitter hoppy tastiness without getting shitfaced.

I am telling you now, if you can find a session beer that is as full of lovely hoppy bitter flavours as this beer is then that is SOLID GOLD.

It is no good finding a beer you really love that is like 5%. You can only have two pints. How rubbish is that?

Nope, it's session all the way if it's good and I have had some outstanding ones. And don't think that low on alcohol means low on flavour. We are not talking about fucking cookies here. Alcohol doesn't make flavour. Hops and malt make flavour.

This has upset my hypothesis that the Northwest prefers weak flavoured un-hoppy beers. Partners is from West Yorkshire and based on my experience with beers from that region I would never have placed them there based on this beer.

I must gather more data! At some point I will get my shit together and do like a map of where all these beers come from.