Wednesday, 8 April 2015

My Generation Session Pale Ale from My Generation Beer Co.

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Except this week since, as I posted yesterday, it was a dismal week for beer. But here is a pretty pump clip for a mediocre beer I had in the charming St. Georges tavern at Victoria station.

Right away you might be confused because 4.2% is not a session ale. That is a geteve-starhammeredinfourpints ale.

It's weird how much of a difference a few points of a percent can make in the gettinghammeredness.

Not that I get hammered. Drink responsibly kids!

On a positive note (other than the apparent mediocreness of the beer on the particular day) St. Georges is a great little tavern. Crazy busy on the the Thursday night before the holiday but we were still able to find a seat. It's out back of Victoria station.

So if you come out the front of the station on to Victoria Road turn left on to Buck. Palace Road and the left YET AGAIN on Eccleston Road and it is on the right side of the road on the corner of Hugh Street.

They had a great choice of beers. It was simply unfortunate that there were none on to my taste on the day.

Not particularly familiar with the Nicholson's pub brand. They do food and stuff but we only stayed for a couple pints before toobing over to Brick Lane and stuffing ourselves with yummy yummy curry.

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