Wednesday, 15 April 2015

The Mid-Week (Un)Special: 6X from Wadworth

Oh Ma GURD. The bottle and the glass look like they have little tiny arms!

Oh ye Mighty Gods of Malty Fermentation! Why hast thou abandoned me!!! It truly was a week of bad beer. And as I said on Monday rather than NOT posting reviews this week I have decided that I am going to give honest reviews about bad beer. For Science!

Wednesday is Mid-Week Special Day! The day I re-review a beer I've had before that was really good and get to try again or was BEER. OF THE. WEEK, or something a bit quirky or maybe I didn't like but is news worthy.

But there aint nuthin' special about a bottle of Wadworth 6X.  Unless you have been trapped on a spaceship for 10 years and all you have had to drink in that whole ten years is recycled pee and the only thing left to drink in the whole universe is a bottle of icefuckingcold 6X. Because it has been in space. Basically you have been in space for ten years, the earth has exploded, and the only evidence of human civilisation is a bottle of space cold Wadworth 6X that some how escaped the carnage and is now floating in the void where the earth used to be.

It may surprise you to learn that I don't really drink at home that much. (in fact I'm not even drunk now!) And hardly ever on a week night/day unless I am on vacation. And then I don't drink at home any time of the day, night, day of the week.

The point is my preference is for beer out of a cask and this is why I go to the pub and most of my reviews are cask beer rather than bottles. And this week, as my lament to the Gods of Malty Fermentation (gender neutral) suggests, the pub was crap.

Which is very very unusual for our usual locals. The Friday night local has five guests on. Two of those are brewed by the proprietor at his local brewery. The Saturday/Sunday local has four guests on. One of those is a regular rotation of four standard milds.

That leaves seven (SEVEN!!!1!!OMFG!!!) guest ales to try over a weekend. They aren't always new to me, and I love trying new ones, but even if they are all repeats there is generally at least one I really like.

New. Old. Whatever. I did not get on with a single one that was on tap. One new one tasted like feet. Another, which will be on review later this week, was only good enough for one pint. Yet another had been on since the weekend before and I didn't like it then. You may remember that there were no regular reviews last week. Because the beer on tap was SHIT.

And it was again this week. Which is why there is a picture of a BOTTLE of distinctly unspecial Wadworth 6X.

This is not to say that there is anything really wrong with it either. And to be fair I made the mistake of not requesting it room temperature which would have made it taste better than it did at ICEFUCKINGCOLD temperature. It is a dark amber bitter. A bit sweet for my taste. Nothing too weird, sophisticated, or scary in there.

At the end of the day 6X is not the craftiest of craft beer. Better than a Thwaites macro-brew. Not particularly interesting. Too sweet as well. And that could mean that at cellar temperature this beer would have been MUCH too sweet for my taste. A good one for those new to real ale as it does not overwhelm with complexity or bitterness.

This is a good entry level real ale for teh noobs.  Very simple malty profile. Just make sure you ask for it room temp.

Real ale/craft beer in the UK (with a few exceptions for craft lager which is still rare) is meant to be served at cellar temperature like red wine. Cellar temperature is a little cooler than an unheated double glazed insulated house in winter. NOT ICE COLD! This is very different from my experience with American craft beer. Ice ice baby in the good ol' US of A.

But anyways they got it out of the fridge and opened it before I even thought about it. Cold makes your sense of taste less sensitive. Which means you miss all of the more complex beer flavours when the beer is subtle.

I am even-star and this is The Review in Beer. I post craft beer reviews usually five days a week. Be sure to check in on Fridays when I reveal the BEER. OF THE. WEEK.

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