Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Even the Beermobile Could Not Save a Week of Bad Beers

Filthy hipsters! Where do you think you are? Take your fancy beermobile and fancy beer prices and fook off back to London! We don' loyk yer koynd 'round 'ere!

Hey there hop heads. If you were lucky like me then you had a long weekend for Easter. If you were unlucky like me your beer choices were dismal. Or at best mediocre.

As it's a short week and I can't pick a winner out of a batch of so-so choices I will leave you with the Craft Beer Bus from Camden Brewery whose witbier was the best beer of the weekend.

This was at the dockyard in Chatham for the steam and transport festival on Sunday. It was better than average beer but they were charging too much. £5 a pint. Not cool you crazy London hipsters. Not. Cool.

BTW the Historic Dockyard in Chatham in Kent is a cracking day out. Better if you live in the area since the rather steep admission price gives you entry for a whole year. If this blog weren't meant to be about beer I would write more about it. Maybe tweet me if you would like to see a post on it: @houseofhappy

If you would like to see pump clips of all the other beers had this weekend then check me out on untappd where I am hancockshouseofhappy. I might get my act together to instagram them but won't be reviewing.

I will be back next week with hopefully better brews!

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