Friday, 8 May 2015

Beer of the Week Beer Review (and Mini Drink, Eat, Do): Moongazing from Tring Brewery Co.

Welcome to the Shed. I am even-star and this is The Beer in Review. It's time for BEER. OF THE. WEEK! Which is Moongazing from Tring Brewery Co.

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Well because you are here for the BEER I will start with that but I hope you might stick around for a little e-sas at the end of the post.

First of all let me say that I am very familiar with Tring Brewery beer. They are another of our favourite local's landlord's favourites. And to be fair I never had a beer I didn't like from Tring. Not that I am a beer slut (I am totally a beer slut).

Moongazing is by far the loveliest most complex beer I have had from them. It is full of fresh melon, orange, and lychee. But right up there at the back there is candied orange peel and bitter almond. It is a dark orange in colour and had a very good frothy head on it.

The pump clip is not lying. This is a complicated, very well considered flavour profile that was far too quaffable at 4.2%.

Tring Brewery has been around since the early 90s and apart from Moongazing, the many beers I have had from them have been good standard solid bitters and milds. Have never really been blown away. UNTIL NOW. Loved this beer.

even-star Adventure Story (a mini Drink, Eat, Do for Tring)
So Tring is an actual place just northwest of London. It's in between London and Oxford. About 90 minutes away from us in rush hour traffic. I admit that I had been drinking Tring beer LONG before I ever knew where it was. Or even realised that it must be a PLACE.

Anyways, a couple of years ago we decide to go to the Banbury Bloxham steam rally (that's a whole other e-sas in itself) which is out in Oxfordshire. We decide to go Friday night after work and wanted to break the journey up over night.

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So I get on the ol' google maps and right there, right off the A41 halfway between Banbury and my house is Tring. My little hop filled head of course ASPLODES. OMFG!!!!!!11!!!11 it's TRING. TRING is a PLACE. They make BEER THERE! WEEEEEEEEE!!!!! Any place that makes beer MUST be a good place.

And so we go there after work on the Friday and stay at the Premier Inn on the outskirts of town. Which is a very convenient walking distance.

Drink, Eat, Do Mini for Tring
DRINK at the Kings Arms which is a hip little olde worlde pub on the edge of town offering tons of guest beers, board games, and friendly locals. Bear in mind that along with the old fashioned exterior they keep old fashioned pub hours. Check the website for details but if you rock up after 5pm on a Friday you will be fine. Also bear in mind that they do not have any parking which, if you carry on to the Do part, shouldn't be a problem!

EAT at the Olive Limes on the high street. An elegant yet casual Indian restaurant offering new twists on the standard curry fayre. We have been here twice a year apart and both times had an excellent meal with excellent service. Prices about what you would expect for a high street curry house.

DO stay over at the Premier Inn and take the short walk into the town. It is a pretty little place with plenty of Victorian villas and Tudor townhouses with cottage gardens. Plus it will give you the opportunity to a) walk off the amazing curry you have just eaten and b) sample many many FINE PINTS at the Kings Arms without worrying about finding a parking space or calling a cab.