Friday, 1 May 2015

Beer of the Week Beer Review! First Light from York Brewery

Welcome to the shed. I am even-star and this is The Beer in Review.
And finally I can reveal that BEER. OF THE. WEEK is First Light from York Brewery

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Yes finally it is Friday hop heads and time for BEER. OF THE. WEEK: First Light from York Brewery.

This. Was. A LOVELY beer. Medium gold, hoppy, grassy and aromatic with an astringent feel. Sort of earthy on the finish but soft fruits like peach and strawberry up front. A session strength beer that was immensely quaffable. This would have been lovely with like a Thai fish curry and jasmine rice.

BEER. OF THE. WEEK posts always make me a little sad because I write them a few days, or sometimes even a week, after I have had the beer in question and I know that I won't likely ever get to try it again.

Such is the nature of the craft beer trade in the UK. You get a good pub and a good landlord/lady who likes to get in lots of different beers from all over the country and that means you are lucky enough (or unfortunate enough) to hardly ever see the same beer more than twice a year.

York Brewery is new to me even though I have been to York on a couple of occasions. It is a lovely city and well worth you visiting. The next time we go I will definitely be making a pilgrimage to the York Brewery pub!