Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Beer Review: Dragon's Flagon from Mighty Oak

Welcome to the Shed. Even-star here and you are reading The Beer in Review. And now we have the second installment of a Might Oak special double bill: Dragon's Flagon. I love that they got the apostrophe in there.

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That's right hop heads there are TWO reviews today. For the first installment of today's beery goodness along with a little explanation of Mighty Oak one off specials click here: Fool on the Hill

I was so lucky this week to get TWO Mighty Oak one offs. This very collectible Essex craft beer was wonderfully complex. It was a dark amber bitter with sour astringent grapefruit, verjuice, and rosemary flavours finishing with biscuit-y short bread malts.

Sadly I only got a pint before the cask was finished off. Which is weird because most of the regulars don't like beer that has flavours.