Monday, 18 May 2015

Beer Review: Empire I.P.A. from Heritage Ales (Spitting Feathers)

Welcome to the Shed. I am even-star and you are reading The Beer in Review. Starting off another week of beer reviews is Empire I.P.A. from Spitting Feathers.

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So right off let me say I didn't like this beer. It was weirdly sweet, metallic, and alcoholic. As in pass me the peach schnapps, Then let me go on to say that if you have a hankering for an IPA then this is going to horribly horribly disappoint you. So it was a bit more of a fail than it might have been if it hadn't needed to be an IPA.

It's basically the opposite of everything you know about how an IPA is supposed to be. As in they forgot to put the fucking hops in it.

Heritage Ales wasn't a name I recognised so I looked them up. It turns out this is a project of Spitting Feathers in conjunction with a beer historian. They have done several varieties of beers in an attempt to make the beer like it was made at whatever historical period it comes from.

I don't know how successful this is. OK maybe this is what an IPA was like when they first started shipping beer out to India for the British colonials. But why would you want to make that beer NOW.

For the same reason that 150 years from now it probably would not be a good idea to recreate an IPA as they are made today. For example, Heritage also do a Roman ale. Which I can image would be pretty fucking awful. In the same way an ancient Egyptian, if handed a modern German weissbier, would go WTF dood?! I can't build your pyramid on this!

I guess as a sort of practical archaeological experiment I find it interesting but this did not end up in a nice tasting drink at all. Maybe it needed to be put on a clipper ship for six months. Maybe it was put on a clipper ship for six months and that is why it tasted weird. And not weird as in the beer had gone off way. This was fresh.

Anyways: interesting idea (For Science) but for a Product it feels a bit twatty. And I am sure that there will be loads of beer snobs that oooh and awww and coo over stuff like this as being AUTHENTIC. I am not a beer snob (I am totally a beer snob) and I am totally willing for my cred to be damaged by saying that this was a dumb idea.