Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Beer Review: Fool on the Hill from Mighty Oak

Welcome to the Shed. I'm even-star and this is The Beer in Review. A veritable surfeit of real ales and craft beers this week which means you get a double bill of Mighty Oak one off specials. Starting with Fool on the Hill.

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You might be forgiven for thinking that Mighty Oak bankrolls this crazy project. I review A LOT of their beers here and the reviews are ALWAYS GOOD.

Fact 1: The landlord at our favourite local also loves Mighty Oak and stocks a lot of their beer.
Fact 2: I've never had a Mighty Oak I didn't like.

I really enjoyed this ruby red bitter. It had some complex flavours in there including aniseed, coffee, cinnamon, and smoky paprika. All of those sort of dark woody aromatics with a medium sweet finish. A lovely pint. And a pint was all I got before the cask ran dry!

Fool on the Hill is a Mighty Oak one off. These are the rare collectibles of Essex craft beers. They are like a single batch that is done for the year. Sometimes they coincide with an event or holiday (like Easter or St. Georges Day) sometimes it was just a bit of fun for the brewery to try something new. It is pure luck if your local can get their hands on them. And once they are gone they don't come round again.

This is a very interesting concept which, if not unique to Mighty Oak, might be unique to craft brewing and one that I don't think is exploited well or enough in the UK. I have seen in other places, Paris for example, where mini flashmobs arise when some downtown nano tank announces a single batch beer is ready to drink. And these are like single CASK type crazy things.

It's part of the craft culture to wear those brews like badges of honour among the other beer geeks. And to ruthlessly SHAME anyone who didn't hear about it! Well maybe not that part. But definitely the honour part.

In terms of a PR stunt it is quite clever and guarantees that your stock doesn't hang around. Never really seen that here in the UK but it is a certainty that good UK craft breweries, along with brewing good standard products, continue to innovate and surprise their drinkers with these one off specials.

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