Thursday, 7 May 2015

Beer Review: Hoxton Stout from Redchurch Brewery

Welcome to the shed. I am even-star and this is The Beer in Review. Today's beer review is Hoxton Stout from Redchurch Brewery
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And here we are. Thursday already and since there can be only one BEER. OF THE. WEEK. there has to be a runner up: a beautiful, astringent, coffee and chocolate stout from Redchurch.

So if you tuned in for the Mid-Week Special Part I this week you will have seen a pale ale from Redchurch Brewery. And also a little e-sas (even-star adventure story) about how I ended up drinking awesome beer in a pretentious wine bar in London.

As it happens I tried TWO beers that evening (cuz I have to keep the numbers up to get to 250 this year!) and the second beer was a kind of beer that all of my instincts and experience have made me avoid: Stout. Because Guinness. I hate Guinness. And Mackeson. Gross. Stout isn't something that many craft breweries come out with. Like lager. We need more craft stout and lager people!

Please please please, if you don't like Guinness don't let that stop you from trying other stouts. You might be missing some truly lovely complex beer.

Which is what happened to me. But someone at the bar let me try a bit of theirs and it was love at first sip!

Hoxton Stout was dry and bitter. Not at all what I expected in a stout. Not at all creamy or filling. And not sweet at all either. Bitter coffee and and toffee flavours. A bit of bitter chocolate in there too.
It is soooo nice to have all of one's assumptions just blown away in one taste of a brilliant British product. Stout: it's what's for dinner!