Monday, 11 May 2015

Beer Review: London Gold from Young's

Welcome to the shed. I'm even-star and you are reading The Beer in Review. There were so many beers this weekend that it looks like you are going to be getting two reviews just about every day this week!
This is London Gold from Young's.

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It was a bit of a surprise to see this big batch brewer in position number 3 at our local. This kind of beer usually goes on to pump 4 along with a rotating selection of other such macro breweries.

Young's is a name you might recognize in the form of Wells and Young's or Charles Wells. A massive brewing concern here in the UK which is behind a lot of big names and brands now. The ram logo is a fairly iconic piece of branding now seeing as it has been around for almost 200 years.

Like many such concerns, a lot of their beers tend not to rock the boat and are popular with what is unfortunately perceived to be the real ale demographic in the UK: doods over 50 who don't like garlic or pepper or other flavourings in their foods and read the Mirror for the football results.

This is not me being stereo typical. Even the body that promotes real ale in the UK, CAMpaign for Real Ale, knows it has a problem with the image of who should be drinking good beer in Great Britain.

I can't really give London Gold much of a review let alone a ringing endorsement simply because there is nothing to review. It tastes like... beer. The End.

The words on the pump clip (you see those words?). The ones that say things like "Zesty" and "Hoppy". Yeah those. Not as advertised hop heads but then that probably is a little of a surprise to you as it is to me.

It also didn't surprise me that the demographic at our local (mainly doods over 50 who don't like flavours) finished the cask off in a few days. Thank goodness because the landlord put a very good beer on at pump 3 on Sunday.