Monday, 11 May 2015

Beer Review: Tribute from St. Austell (the On Tap Edition)

Welcome to the shed. I'm even-star and you are reading The Beer in Review. Our first review this week is Tribute from St. Austell: the On Tap edition.

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Yes indeed hop heads it is Monday again and I bet you are simply DYING to know what beers even-star tried over the weekend. And there are LOADS. So many that you will be getting two reviews today starting with Tribute on tap from St. Austell.

You might remember St. Austell's Proper Job was Beer of the Week and while back. That was a beer I had never had before and REALLY enjoyed.

Tribute is a beer I have had before but only in Bottle form.  And I quite like it. A good standard blonde ale that is perfect to have in the store cupboard for the odd weekend when we can't get to the pub or for a picnic. St. Austell have been making beer for about 150 years and have a huge estate now. You can't really call it 'craft' but it is what we refer to in the UK as 'real ale'.

even-star Adventure Story
So we have decided to switch up our Friday night local because the usual place was losing its JuJu. Sometimes that happens to a pub. Change in management or whatever. They stop looking after their beer, they don't look after the pub environment, maybe the regulars change and the nice friendly people who used to be in there have stopped coming and the new crowd is awful.


There is another pub just down the road we decided to try. They advertise "guest ales" which can go two ways. It can either mean they switch around a bunch of big batch brewer real ales or they get in micros. 

The case with this new pub is the former. Which isn't all bad. Some of the big brewers, like St. Austell, make very good beer.   And so it came to pass that even-star got to try Tribute on tap.

Unfortunately I found that on tap, in the particular pub we were in, I didn't like it much. Not sure if it was because it had been on for a while and the air had started to get to it or what. It was OK but it didn't taste like a good old Tribute. It was kind of flat and bland.

That happens to beer on tap. Beer in a bottle will keep for months and not really change (unless it is one of those fancy monastery beers that actually "age"). Beer on tap is a tricky customer. You have a pint of it fresh on opening and a pint a week later and it can sometimes taste like a totally different beer.

So I encourage you to try Tribute if you can find it bottled and also if you find it on tap tweet me and tell me what your experience was like.

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