Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Craft Beer Review: Burton Ale from Brentwood Brewing Company

Welcome to the Shed. I am even-star and this wonderous piece of cyber-space is The Beer in Review. Today's craft beer review is Burton Ale from Brentwood Brewing Company.

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The gods of malty fermentation (gender neutral) were very kind this weekend and did not send me even one bad beer. 

Burton Ale is an amber toasty malty biscuity bitter with astringent tannins and faint aniseed flavours. A very drinkable beer from one of Essex's longstanding craft micro breweries.

Burton Ale refers to a STYLE of beer. It was produced by brewers in Burton-Upon-Trent in the 18th century as a pale type ale before the advent of the more popular bitter India Pale Ale of the 19th century. It is meant to be medium brown (lighter than a porter for example) and SWEET. 

This beer was neither of those things being gold and astringent. Neither was it an IPA particularly being more malty than hoppy. So if I were the WI and this was in the Victoria Sponge contest I would have to fail it because it isn't a Victoria Sponge and not because it didn't taste nice.

So if you are faced with a row of pump clips and one proclaims to be a BPA or Burton Pale Ale you should expect some light brown/amber and sweetly malty.

I have seen Brentwood beers on tap since I moved to the UK but recently it has been much more often under their Elephant School Brewing Company brand than under their standard branding of the sheild shaped clip with the humourous coat-of-arms.

Their standard brand beers are much more conservative while ESBC is where they are more experimental. I can SORT of understand this but I am not sure if it is a product strategcy I would espouse myself. One brand for the conservative long standing beer customer and another for a new more modern taste. My preference would be for my single brand to evolve and change while maintaing historical ties.

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