Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Mid-Week Special Beer Review: Gardeners Tipple from Hogs Back Brewery Co. Plus an even-star Adventure Story

Welcome to the Shed. I am even-star and you are reading The Beer in Review. On the Mid-Week Special we have Gardeners Tipple from Hogs Back Brewery Company and a little e-sas.

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Many of you might be familiar with Hogs Back iconic piggy branding. But it's just as likely that many of you might not. I was not familiar with Gardeners Tipple but have had the ubiquitous and award winning TEA on many ocaissions.

Gardeners Tipple was a pleasant surprise. It was very green and earthy with some sweet and sour top notes. Kind of like freshly cut hay that's been left in the field during the rain. I know that sounds so pretentious but seriously, try it, tell me I'm wrong.

I can't tell you what colour it was! Because...

even-star Adventure Story
This bottle of pleasant English beer was consumed while on a sail boat on the Thames. There weren't any glasses to pour it out in and who the fuck heard of a proper sailor sipping his/her grog out of a GLASS. WTF.

That's me! Skipper and Bear putting up the cruising chute

So this was on Sunday and it was an abosolutely gorgeous day to be out sailing. Of course no beer was consumed until AFTER we moored up and then we beer and sammiches.

AFTER we packed up and came ashore we had a beer at the club house. They have the odd good real ale on there but, irony strikes, on Sunday it was Tribute. AGAIN. I opted to have one of the many bottled varieties they have which was Cocker Hoop from Jennings.

Will you look at the head on that thing? You'd think Bear had never poured a pint in his life!

It didn't really matter because, in spite of its lovely golden colour, this beer didn't really taste like much.

Never had this one before. Bottle or Draft. But our favourite local's landlord has an old Cocker Hoop pump clip up on the wall above the bar. Along with 56781 other pump clips new and old.