Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Mid-Week Special Beer Review Part I: Bethnal Pale Ale from Redchurch Brewery

Happy Hump Day hop heads! Wednesday is Mid-Week Special Day!
The day I re-review a beer I've had before that was really good and get to try again or was BEER. OF THE. WEEK, or something a bit quirky or maybe I didn't like but is news worthy.  And it is even EXTRA special this week because we have THREE bottled beers worthy of notice.

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Starting with Bethnal Pale Ale from Redchurch

even-star Adventure Story
So I was in London on Thursday for work and after work, as one does in London, I went for a beer with colleagues. It was a bit sad at first because the person who chose the beer venue chose a pretentious overpriced fucking WINE BAR. WTF? However, even though there was no beer on tap there was craft beer available in bottles. Notably beer from East London micro brewery Redchurch.

This was a beautiful pale ale. Dark gold and cloudy. And so amazingly hoppy!

The problem with bottled beers at bars is that they keep them in the fridge like American beers. Beer needs to be a cellar temperature and that is not as cold a chilled in a fridge temperature.

In spite of the temperature this was a wonderful drink and such a pleasant surprise considering the venue. I would say it is a shame it didn't come in pints (it was a 330 ml bottle) but that would have cost, extrapolating from the bottle price, about £10!