Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Mid-Week Special Beer Review Part III: Slater's Premium Bitter

Happy Hump Day hop heads! Wednesday is Mid-Week Special Day!
The day I re-review a beer I've had before that was really good and get to try again or was BEER. OF THE. WEEK, or something a bit quirky or maybe I didn't like but is news worthy. 
And it is even EXTRA special this week because we have THREE bottled beers worthy of notice.

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The third bottled beer up for mid-week special is Slater's Premium Bitter.

Now I have been drinking beer in the UK for 14 years and Slater's has been making beer for 20 years and yet I have never seen them on tap or in the store. They are a craft brewer from Stafford which is right smack dab in the middle of the country. Which is why they call it the Midlands.

So this was like a 3 for £5 special where I can get 3 beers for £5 and and I like to try to get beers I have not had before. Which is the case for all of the MWSs this week.

For a standard looking sort of bitter from the Midlands this was a tasty brown bitter with coffee and burnt toffee flavours. Definitely will get some more of this one in stock. It would be perfect with a shepherd's pie or roast game.