Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Midweek Special Beer Review: Ghost Ship and Gunhill from Adnams

Welcome to the Shed. I am even-star and you are reading The Beer in Review. Today we have a little Adnams double bill with Ghost Ship and Gunhill.

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Ok so yes. Adnams. Not craft. I get it. I never said I was a beer snob (I am totally a beer snob) and some big batch breweries do make decent beer. But they tend to be more hit and miss than smaller brewers. At least when it comes to my personal taste.

I might have mentioned before that we have switched our Friday night pub habits to have a pint in a pub up the road from a place we don't like any more. And this pub, while having cask ales on, does not really do a lot of craft beer.

This means on Friday I had a pint of Ghost Ship from Adnams. Which I have had before but never reviewed on here. And I am going to review on here because it is worth saying that this is very good beer.

Ghost Ship is a hoppy and medium sweet pale ale (well, blonde really). And it has a pleasing floral green freshness. There is an elegant hint of elderflower in there.

In contrast to a Ghost Ship on tap we have an Adnams Gunhill in a bottle.

This is usually what you would expect from big batch. It's just a sort of meh... beer. Not really sporting any big or subtle flavours. Just red beer flavoured. I had this one on the boat after we have been out sailing on Saturday. A bit more appropriate for the activity than last week's sailing beer.

Adnams does some really solid beer making and I encourage you to try them. I know they aren't craft but good beer is... well... good beer!

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