Friday, 12 June 2015

Beer of the Week Craft Beer Review: Sugar Puff from Elephant School Brewing Company

Welcome to the Shed. I am even-star and this is The (see what I did there) Bear in Review. Today's beer of the week craft beer review is for Sugar Puff from Elephant School Brewing Company.

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Yes oh yes! It's Friday and time for beer of the week! Sugar Puff from ESBC is probably the most contentious beer ever to grace the guest pumps at the Theobald Arms.

I LOVED this beer. It was a dark gold bitter with those really grassy bitter notes like asparagus and tobacco. It had a sweetness up front which was short and fresh and was also sort of woody and floral like lavender. I didn't get a lot of honey from it. Like if you hadn't told me it was a honey beer I wouldn't have noticed. It was quite smooth. And I had to have four pints over the weekend cuz you never know when a really good beer is going to turn up again.

ESBC is a brand of the Brentwood Brewing Company. We see a lot of their beers at the 'Baldy. I've review a couple more of their beers: Peasant's Revolt and Wooly Mammoth.

WHY contentious? Because two other people tried this beer at the same time as I did and they had completely opposite reactions to it and also neither of them liked it. But for totally different reasons!

Our friend Paul from Yorkshire thought that it was very very bitter and didn't like it.

My sortoffatherinlaw had a pint and HATED it because he thought it was REALLY sweet.

Paul opted for Fosters after that. And my sortoffatherinlaw said he would prefer... dun dun DUN... A John Smiths. Yes indeed. Sugar Puff too sweet but John Smiths is a 'proper bitter'.

Oh for fuck's sake. It's a mad mad mad world hop heads. A MAD world!

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