Friday, 19 June 2015

Beer of the Week Craft Beer Review: Valiant from Cottage Brewing

Welcome to the Shed. I am even-star and this is The Beer in Review. Today's Beer of the Week craft beer review is for Valiant from Cottage Brewing.

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Happy Friday hop heads! Time for BEER. OF THE. WEEK.

And today is the most straight forward post of this craft beer loaded week. All of the beers were great but there was really no contest.

If you are new here I ought to let you know how this works. I only drink on the weekends. Friday-Sunday evenings. There is the odd occasion where there is beer on a week day but it is rare. And I usually only drink draft/tap beer because that is the best way to experience British beers. If the gods of malty fermentation (gender neutral) are good to me then I tend to get five new beers per weekend to review during the week. THIS weekend there were an extra THREE! SQUEEE!

Valiant was on the sweet side. Sort of a long pleasant refreshing start with flavours of melons and figs. And then on the finish, equally long and pleasant, you get a juicy mouthful of orange citrus hops. Lovely floral whiff to it. Like jasmine tea.

I've reviewed LOADS of Cottage beers here. They are one of our local landlord's favourites. We had one just last week: Black Diamond.

Want to see what else was on tap this week? Click the links! Broadside, Burning Gold, Nimrod, The Ruby One, Sorachi Ace, Rock A Hula, Corn Dolly

And that is all I have to say today hop heads. I hope you all have a fab weekend. I shall be painting a fence. Health, Love, Wealth to you all until next week.

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