Friday, 5 June 2015

Beer of the Week Real Ale Beer Review: Deuchars IPA from Caledonian

Welcome to the Shed. I am even-star and this The Beer in Review comin' atchoo with BEER. OF THE. WEEEEEEEK... And this week's beer of the week beer review is for Deuchars IPA from the Caledonian Brewing Company.

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Deuchars IPA was a lovely session ale. It was light gold and fairly floral with melon and peach but there was a smokey citrusy bite to it up front that gave it such a well rounded character.

This is the second time a Caledonian beer has been beer of the week. Their seasonal Bitter Winter was dee-lish-shush. See the review for that HERE.

I have been hearing about Deuchars IPA for ages and read all the lyrical reviews and this was the first time it was available on tap any where that I have been. It definitely didn't disappoint. And a session strength beer as well. I love session beers. The lower ABV means even-star can have a leeeeeeetle bit extra and not get shit faced. This is a good thing when the beer is as good as this one was.

You may have noticed that I sometimes say Craft Beer Review and at other times Real Ale Review.

Caledonian is owned by Heinekin and is made in a relatively large brewery in Scotland. When I did the review for Bitter Winter I was less interested in the terminology and I called it craft beer. Real ale (a term that is perhaps unique to the UK. Can anyone confirm this?) is like craft beer except made in larger batches by possibly not independent breweries.

Don't get too hung up on the Ale part of real ale. I personally prefer the term real beer to correspond to craft beer because it is inclusive of more styles of beer that are still made in the spirit of craft/real ales.

Kind of like yesterday's post about Morland and Greene King, this is a case of a huge drinks manufacturer wanting to tap into a market. What do you think? Is Caledonian craft beer? Yea or Nay? And does it matter to you?

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