Monday, 1 June 2015

Craft Beer Review: Amber Gambler from Wentworth

Welcome to the Shed. I am even-star and this here crazy project is The Beer in Review. Today's craft beer review is for Amber Gambler from Wentworth Brewery.

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So then, how did the gods of malty fermentation (gender neutral) treat you this weekend? I would have to say that, for me anyways, it were a wee bit beige. Neither terrible nor spectacular. But it can't be all Kardashian all the time. On to the beer!

If you are new here I ought to let you know how this works. I only drink on the weekends. Friday-Sunday evenings. There is the odd ocaission where there is beer on a week day but it is rare. And I usually only drink draft/tap beer because that is the best way to experience British beers. If the gods of malty fermentation (gender neutral) are good to me then I tend to get five new beers per weekend to review during the week.

Today's craft beer is the one I liked least from the weekend. Amber Gambler from Wentworth was light orange and very very bitter. It was a bit too bitter for my taste (and you know me, I am not crazy about sweet beers). I think the problem for me was that bitter was not off set by any particular flavour or balanced out by something else in the flavour profile. It was just... bitter... There wasn't really any fruityness or malty-ness in there or even a distinctive hop.

I will admit to being a little bit disappointed because I have had Wentworth beers in the past that I have really really enjoyed. If you are looking for one of theirs to try and you see their American Style lager Yankee Doodle, that is a good one. See my review HERE.

As with all craft/real beers I encourage you to try any of them and decide for yourself. Peoples' tastes vary widely and this might really float your boat. However, it is right on the fence between poor brewing choices and acquired taste.

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