Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Mid-Week Special Real Ale Review: DNA from Dogfish Head and Charles Wells (AKA Wells and Young)

Welcome to the Shed. I am even-star and this is a glitch in the matrix. Today's deja-craft-beer-re-vu is DNA from Dogfish Head and Charles Wells. 

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Yes indeed, it is a repeat today. And a recent one at that. I did have DNA again over the weekend and I wanted to post another review to illustrate a couple of points about craft beer and real ale.

The first point is that it is an organic product that not only changes as it ages but will likely differ from batch to batch. No matter how meticulous the brewer is with their recipe.

Looking back at my previous review for DNA you would think that this was a completely different beer.
"It is a coppery hoppy IPA although not exactly pale. Gorgeously bitter with no hint of sweetness. Grassy with a lot of tannin and a metallic tanginess."
Which kind of still stands. It is coppery and hoppy and bitter and tangy with that sort of astringent tannin that many IPAs seem to sport these days. Like tea.

However I would change my opinion about the sweetness and grassyness.

This time DNA made a more complex impression on me. It was fruity with flavours of almond and orange thyme. It had an almost piney whiff to it that hit the back of the throat.

And that takes me to my second point. As with any experience so tied to the senses of the individual, it will change depending on that person's age, mood, where they are, who they are with, and experience with what they happen to be doing.

Back in March I was not in the habit of taking notes about what I was drinking while I was drinking it. I would do it later and try to remember. I might have had this the first time round in the evening where as this time it was in the late afternoon with a crowd at the pub. I have had a lot of different beers since then to compare it to. Especially IPAs.

The take away here is craft beer or real ale from the cask is a complex and interesting product that will always surprise you. Even if you are having a repeat. If you are after something that is exactly the same every time then it will take some getting used to and I encourage you take the plunge. It's so much fun!

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