Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Six Mini Craft Beer Reviews: Theobald Arms Beer Festival Round Up

Welcome to the Shed. I am even-star and today on The Beer in Review we have, in no particular order, a bumper crop of craft beer reviews from the Theobald Arms beer festival.

There were probably 14 beers to try in all and 4 craft ciders. All served out of the old garden shed behind the pub. Always loads of characters, as well as beer, on tap.

Sorachi Ace from Cotleigh

I recently tried another sorachi ace single hopped beer from Whitstable. It was interesting to compare the two. They were totally different. Cotleigh  Sorachi was light amber and bitter. It had a sort of honey flavour to it and was faintly citrus. An interesting experiment.

King from Keltek

Never had a Keltek beer before. King was malty and light orange. It also tasted very much of oranges and sweetish fruity apricots.

Awesomesaurus Rex from Mighty Oak

A Mighty Oak one off special for this year. A very bitter malty red beer. Woody and greenly floral with unripe red fruits and geranium.

Starlight from Cottage

I think this was my favourite one.  Dark gold and bitter with fresh melon and honeysuckle. Also salt water taffy. It was just a hair's side of the more commonplace toffee and malt flavour. They had another one on called Sunlight that I didn't get to try this time.

Citra Chinook from Hydes

What is says on the tin! Medium gold. Not so lusciously citrus-y as some other beers I've had with one or both of the same hops but the flavours are there.

Revelry from Bishop Nick

I can't recall now if I have had this one from Bishop Nick before. It was familiar. Faintly fruity, aniseed, biscuit, vanilla, and a very light body.

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