Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Bottle Craft Beer Review: BlackWych from Wychwood Brewery

Welcome to the Lair. I am even-star and this is The Beer of Shadows. Today's craft beer review is for Black Wych from Wychwood Brewery.

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Yes indeed it is hump day hop heads and time for the mid-week special. We have a bottle beer review today for Black Wych from Wychwood (they of Hobgoblin fame) which is a Porter.

A porter is a dark strong style of beer that originated in London. You could almost use stout (you know like Guinness) and porter interchangeably. Stout came from the habit of calling very strong porters Stout (as in strong or fat) porter. Ta Da.

I got this beer on a whim because it was new at the store. Porters are known for having very strong flavours and this was no exception: the first sip was a savoury almost salty fish sauce flavour. It mellowed into cranberry, dried blueberry, liquorice, and Tia Maria

As you know I don't really get on with stouts and porters. Or at least I thought I didn't until I tried this one from a London micro brewery. But I did not like Guinness's West India Porter.

I can't say I liked Black Wych particularly but it is more personal taste than anything else. As a porter it works and it would go very well with a hearty stew or pie. It had a pleasant astringency that would also work with game dishes. I reccommend serving chilled.

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