Friday, 31 July 2015

Brewery of the Week Craft Brewery Review: Westerham Brewery from Kent

Welcome to the Downs. I am even-star and this is The Beer in Review. And today being Friday it is time for BEER. OF THE. WEEK. But is instead of a BEER, I have a whole BREWERY of the WEEK: Westerham Brewery from Crockham Hill in Kent.

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Yes indeedy. Bear and I went for a nine mile hike in the pouring rain on the western edge of the Kent Downs. It is a lovely area of rolling hills, old oast houses, and almost fascistly picturesque villages and country gardens. Some are simply surreal.

And, as always at the end of a hike, we wanted to find a local pub serving good local craft beer. Even if you are wet through you can still get mighty thirsty after eight or ten miles of marching.

I couldn't believe our luck when I spied a sign for Westerham Brewery at about the three mile mark and, after a quick google on a very faint signal, discovered that a pub right near our start/end point served beer in the same town (Crockham Hill).

The pub is the Royal Oak. From the outside it is nothing remarkable and you would likely just drive on past. But the inside was cozy and traditional. People were friendly. The food looked fantastic though we didn't eat. It was a posh local that didn't come across posh or pretentious. Comfortable is the word.

AND they did flights. I squee-ed out loud when I saw the little boards.

These were without doubt the best beers of the week and rather than do three separate posts I thought I would do them all in one go.

Counting down from Three:

Finchcocks Original was a gold bitter. Very light with fresh apple and lemon flavours. Crisp with a bit of fizz. Refreshing!

Number Two

1965 Special Bitter was light amber and malty. It was sweet-ish with flavours and richness of toffee and vanilla creme brulee. Some subtle fruitiness like apricots.

And numero uno beer of the week this week is...

Summer Perle. One sip of this and I just went "ooooh, mmmmmmm, ahhhhhh, ooooooh'. Ask Bear. He'll tell you. Gorgeously hoppy bitterness with fresh melon and orange. It was faintly effervescent on the palate. Luscious and subtle peach, plum, and apricot finish. It simply sparkled. Loved this beer and I was sorry I couldn't stay for a whole pint!

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