Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Craft Beer Review: A Ray of Sunshine from Dukeries

Welcome to the Beach. I am even-star and the future of The Beer in Review is so bright it's got to wear shades. Today's craft beer review is for A Ray of Sunshine from Dukeries.

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Remember last week's beer of the week and I said I hope of see more of that brewery? Well here is some more just a few days later! The irony being that it was pouring rain when I had this one.

Ray of Sunshine lives up to it's name and, like Blonde, is a lovely summer beer. It is light gold and full of fresh summer fruits flavours. It has a good bitter bite to it with flavours of lemon zest and fresh dill. And it also had a bitter-sweetness similar to ruby red grapefruit that I really liked. 

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