Friday, 7 August 2015

Beer of the Week Craft Beer Review: Tomahawk from Cottage Brewing

Welcome to the Department of Cultural Appropriation. I am even-star and this is The Beer in Review. Today's beer of the week craft beer review is for Tomahawk from Cottage Brewing.

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There four kinds of beers.
  •  The first kind is where you take one sip and go whatthefuckweretheythinking?!
  • The second kind is where you take one sip and go meh, it's beer 
  • The third kind is where you take one sip and go oh yeah that is very nice

And then, THEN there is the fourth kind. Where you take one sip and go Oh great gods of malty fermentation (gender neutral)! You have answered my prayers and rained down unto me malty fermentings of such magnificence I shall sacrifice unto thee five bags of mini cheddars and a pork scratching!

Tomahawk was that sort of beer. And I will tell you about its flavours etc but that doesn't do it justice. I literally, in the pub, and you can ask the Bear if you don't believe me, took one single sip of this beer and went into beergasmic ecstasies of joy.

It was a dark gold bitter with a bite of lemon zest and the most beautiful tropical notes I have tasted in a beer for a long time. There was papaya and passion fruit and the predominant flavour was fresh lychee. A fresh, juicy, sweet, floral, astringent taste that is like nothing else. But so well balanced with a bitter citrus herbyness of lemon verbena and a pleasing toasty light malt on the finish.

One thing confuses me though. Why Tomahawk? Apart from being sort of culturally appropriative, it seems a very strange thing to call a subtle, juicy, tropical beer after a brutally axe-like weapon that may or may not have been used by North American aboriginal tribes-people to remove the scalps of their enemies.

This is a gorgeous ENGLISH beer. Tomahawk seems to nod in the direction of America and, dare I say it, The Masculine. And it just does not match the character of the beer at all. In the UK, selling your beer at the pump depends so much on what is on that clip. The branding here for a lovely light delicious beer is so off key.

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