Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Craft Beer Review: American Pale Ale from Shipyard and Marston's

Arrrr! Ahoy ye there matey! Cap'n even-star 'ere and this scurvy blog be The Beer in Review. All hands on deck for today's craft beer review for American Pale Ale from Shipyard and Marston's.

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Well folks this is an interesting beer that I got to try in the lovely little village of Old Leigh-on-Sea. It is a transatlantic collaboration between Marston's and American brewer Shipyard. Much in the spirit of the Wells and Young collab with Dog Fish Head.

It was the most amazing summer day on Sunday and we took the train down to the seaside for a little maritime festival. This APA was so wonderfully cold (just like American beers are supposed to be) and hoppy with that distinctive American hops taste (someone please tweet me if they know what that is). Citrus and zingy and a rare find outside of London town. You don't often get the American style beers on fixed taps like this east of bloody Limehouse!

But Old Leigh is a rather trendy and gentrified place these days so maybe not that surprising. For all that it is still a pretty village of old fisherman's cottages, an inordinate number of pubs serving good beer, and amazing views across the Thames estuary.

Oh and amazing SEAFOOD galore of course. Fisherman still dock there and sell their catch right off the boats.

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